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Auto Detailing

Detail Driven provides the best auto detailing services in the Jackson, WY area. Our expert professionals are trained in our signature Express Detail and add-on services such as removing pet hair from your car, steam cleaning, and stain removal.

Detail Driven in Jackson, WY is owned by a Jackson local who is continually learning more about the auto detailing industry and employing its best practices to all the vehicles worked on in the Jackson area.

Why do you need auto detailing?

While car owners often neglect regular auto detailing services, it is essential to upkeep both the exterior and interior surfaces of your car.

The exteriors of cars are often subjected to dirt, dust and other debris. If these buildups are not treated, it will gradually deteriorate the car’s paint job. Getting a regular wash and wax for your car will not only ensure that the paint job remains intact, but will preserve its resale value for potential buyers.

Like the exterior of your car, it’s important to frequently clean the interior of a car. Interior car cleaning involves vacuuming, stain removal, fabric cleaning, and waxing surfaces to remove all debris. Car interiors are often subject to dirt, crumbs, dust, and spilled liquids that if not properly removed, can increase the wear and tear on your vehicle. Cleaning the interior of a car can transform the way your vehicle functions and can increase its longevity.

Services We Provide

Detail Driven’s auto and car detailing services in Jackson, WY start with our signature Express Detail. This involves both exterior and interior car cleaning services. If a deeper clean is needed, we have a variety of add on services that professionals can help you choose from.  

Interior add-on services

  • Steam Clean Interior
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Stain Removal
  • Odor Removal
  • Fabric Protection

Exterior add-on services

  • Scratch removal
  • Engine detail
  • Clay and wax
  • Headlight Restore
  • Sap/Tar Removal
  • 1 year paint coating
  • Paint Polishing

Our Clients Love their Dogs…Not a Fur-Covered Interior

We’re here to help!

One of the most popular add-on services we offer is removing pet hair from your car. One of the most common needs customers request is specifically removing dog hair from their cars. Pet hair removal has a variety of tactics, but it’s best to start with a heavy vacuum service, followed by a fabric softener solution that helps loosen the dog hair from the seat fabric.

Scrubbing the seats with a sponge and gloved hand also aids the dog hair removal process and ensures that the area is sanitized. Whatever level of pet hair removal you need, Detail Driven has professionals ready to employ the best practices to remove pet hair from your vehicle.

Express Detailing

A Popular Option for Busy People

What is the Express Detail process?

Exterior Cleaning: We hand wash vehicles and remove light bugs and tar. Next, we utilize the best tire and wheel cleaner to cleanse the wheel wells. We then apply a 3-4-week pain sealant to protect finish, tires and exterior trim are dressed, and mirrors and windows are cleaned.

Interior Cleaning: The interiors of the vehicles are vacuumed, rubber floor mats are cleaned, door panels, dash, and cup holders are cleaned and dressed. The leather interiors are conditioned and the windows and mirrors are cleaned.

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