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Shrink Wrap

At Detail Driven, we understand that winterizing boats in Jackson, WY is one of the most important tasks to complete before the harsh winter. With freezing temperatures, fierce winds, and relentless snow storms, it’s important to shrink wrap your boat for the entire winter season. That’s why we specialize in boat shrink wrapping to ensure that boats and other important equipment remains in top condition.

What is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap is a material made up of polymer plastic film that when heated, shapes tightly to whatever it is covering. Industrial shrink wrap is typically used to winterize boats, wrap large equipment for weather protection and wrap or enclose pallets of goods. Shrink wrap is water tight, does not flap in the wind causing chaff damage, and stays on all winter long until you are ready to remove it in the spring.

Why Use Shrink Wrap instead of Tarps?

While some argue that winterizing boats or other equipment can be done simply by covering them with a tarp, this does not guarantee protection or coverage.

Tarps are prone to leak, tear, freeze over and collapse. This is especially harmful when dealing with a motor boat. Shrink wrapping a boat is always the best option because shrink wrap is extremely tight and strong and does not leak. This ensures that boat owners won’t have to brush off snow or deal with puddled water. A boat shrink wrapping service at Detail Driven will guarantee that your boat is safe until Spring.

Follow Our Winterizing Checklist

For Best Results

Oftentimes boat owners neglect to properly winterize their boats which results in lots of boats being dead come summer season.

There are several checklist items that must be accomplished to properly prepare your boat for storage and the winter season.

1. Fuel Treatment: It’s important to treat your boat’s fuel with a stabilizer. Once the stabilizer is added, run the engine for about 10 minutes to ensure that the fuel has circulated throughout the engine.

2. Fog the Engine Cylinders: If you don’t fog the engine cylinders, corrosion forms inside the engine and creates a crud buildup. 

3. Drain the Engine: If you don’t drain the engine, the water in the cooling chambers can freeze and crack the entire engine.

4. Change the Oil: Change the oil in the engine to prevent corrosion and eliminate moisture.

Final Steps Before We Shrink Wrap

1. Make sure that your boat is as dry as possible before it is wrapped

2. Make sure vents are installed in the wrap so it can breathe during storage

3. Completely clean out your boat before it is shrink wrapped

4. Pull out gear in storage and leave all hatches open while boat is stored

Our Shrink Wrap Process Gives You Security

Once Your Boat is Prepared, We Take Care of the Rest

What We Do Next…

At Detail Driven in Jackson, WY we install boat shrink wrap over a tent-like support structure which ensures that excess snow and water will slip off as it builds up. Then, we install air vents to allow air circulation that prevents moisture, condensation, and mold buildup.

We also offer addition options to further protect your boat like solar powered air vents, zippered access doors and a variety of corrosion prevention strategies.

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